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Special Citizenship over Ministry of Economic as well as Ministry of Foreign Matters Romania:

The Romanian landscape is around one-third mountainous and one-third forested, with the remainder composed of hills and plains. The environment is temperate and significant by 4 distinct periods. Romania appreciates a significant wealth of natural resources: productive land for farming; pastures for animals; woodlands that provide tough and also soft woods; petroleum books; metals, including silver and gold in the Apuseni Hills; many rivers that provide hydroelectricity; as well as a Black Sea shoreline that is the site of both ports and also hotels.

  • Visa free traveling in 172 Countries include, Australia, Canada, Europe, UK as well as UAE


Short Article 8( 2d).

Notwithstanding the conditions under Article 4c of the present Act 8, (2d) an individual over 18 years of age might obtain citizenship of the Republic of Romania via naturalisation if this is to the advantage of the state for clinical, economic, social, nationwide or comparable reasons.

The presence of factors from the preceding paragraph shall be preliminarily specified by the Federal government of the Republic of Romania on the basis of the viewpoint of the authorised ministerial workplace and also the Government might at the same time require the fulfilment of one or more problems from the 4C paragraph of Article 8 (2d.)

Obtaining on request:

The Romanian citizenship can be granted on demand to a foreign Citizen, who purchased Romania exceeding the amount of minimal 1,000,000 euro.

The choice on approving an immigrant to Serbian citizenship is in jurisdiction of the Federal government in instance of national passion. That is why we can just submit a restricted number of applications. The federal government holds the right to accept only particular isolated recommended investors, too, regarding change the contribution cost independently.


Varies, relying on the arrangement of the government from 1 Mil. EUR.



NEW Citizenship Program Moldova - Buy European Second Passport

In fact that there is currently no Residence Program Romania, we would like to draw your attention to our new Moldovan Citizenship by Investment Program. Moldova is a future candidate country of the European Union. Moldovan citizens had visa-free or visa on arrival access to 122 countries and territories. Granted visa-free entry to all Europe┬┤s Schengen Area countries as well as Russia, Turkey and Malaysia. The Moldovan citizenship can be obtained from a minimum investment of EUR 100,000. The Moldovan Passport is ranked 48th in terms of freedom of travel (equal to the russian and montenegrin passport).

New European Immigration Investment Program

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